All Phase Electrical Solutions provide commercial antenna installation services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We install Master Antenna Television (MATV) systems to premises such as universities, TAFE’s, schools and other businesses. MATV is a sophisticated cabling network that distributes TV and FM signals from a single antenna to receivers in various locations throughout a facility.

The design, installation, and maintenance of MATV cabling systems requires the expertise of highly skilled electricians.All Phase Electrical Solutions have completed electrical design projects that were technically complex, yet our team of electrical engineers completed each job on time and within budget. Electrical design construct is a process that requires significant expertise.


Large Scale Commercial MATV Installations

Our fully qualified technicians offer reliable MATV installation solutions for small to large commercial entities such as educational institutions, healthcare facilities, large retail complexes, apartment complexes, hotels and motels, office blocks, restaurants and bars and health and fitness centres. Our large-scale MATV installations are competitively priced and are often completed in very tight time schedules.

All Phase Electrical Solutions offer a diverse range of electrical services that include MATV installations, MATV repairs, and MATV maintenance. We have completed commercial MATV projects for valued clients all across Victoria, providing perfect viewing reception every time.

Give us a call today on 03 9338 7793 to discuss all your MATV installation, repair, and maintenance needs.



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